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10 Healthy Things You Can Do To Bring in the New Year

The pandemic has certainly presented its fair share of health challenges for the average American. These include depression, inactivity, isolation, and everything that comes with these seemingly dire circumstances. But, humans rely on hope, and hope presents itself in the New Year. That is why we’ve included a few health tips for the 2021 new year. 

10 Healthy Tips for 2021

1. Get Outside.

Staying indoors has a negative emotional effect on all humans, as we were meant to enjoy the outdoors. The pandemic has made many of us shutter inside to huddle around our televisions or mobile devices. In the 2021 new year, we need to focus on getting outside. You don’t have to surround yourself with people. Social distancing is very much possible while enjoying the fresh air. 

2. Drink Water.

The rumors of increased alcoholism and other addictions during the pandemic have been worrisome. Instead of giving in to vices, people need to be focusing on health. Drinking a plentiful amount of water helps your immune system and readies your body for each day. 

3. Exercise.

Yes, we all know we should exercise. Staying at home has lessened our natural tendencies for movement. That is why it is important to schedule exercises throughout the day when staying at home. If you are working a desk job, make sure you are engaging in cardio and strength training throughout the week to keep your cardiovascular and age-related health problems in check. 

4. Watch Your Diet.

There are many ways to watch your diet, but crash diets are rarely a good option. Instead, invest some time in meal planning. Avoid fast food. All it takes to eat in a healthier manner is a little purposeful will power. 

5. Consider Supplements.

If you haven’t been getting outside or eating right, consider supplements to help curtail your negative health choices. Talk to a doctor or nutritionist to see what supplements would benefit you the most. 

6. Get Your Flu Shot.

The COVID-19 vaccine may be here shortly, but the flu shot is already here. Make sure you get it to potentially avoid or reduce the harmful effects of the flu virus. 

7. Get More Sleep.

When people think about health, they often think of diet and exercise. Sleep is just as important. Your body needs time to rest and repair for the next day and all that comes with it. 

8. Socialize.

Just because you cannot socialize in large groups doesn’t mean you shouldn’t socialize. Create a social bubble or get in on some Zoom meetings. You’ll find yourself enjoying the interaction, even if it is remote. 

9. Invest in a Hobby.

One thing the pandemic has revealed is how much we all need to be self-reliant. We need our friends and family, but when they’re not available, a hobby can be a welcoming substitute. 

10. Take Time to Read.

Especially due to the election, the news media has become toxic to mental health. Instead of spending your time watching TV, pick up a book. The simplicity of reading words on a page is like meditation for the soul. 

Remember that Health Tips for 2021 Are Not a Resolution!

A resolution is the last thing you need to rid yourself of the year 2020. Instead, you need to give yourself a break. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t accomplish your goals. Restart them.

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10 Easy Things You Can Do To Keep Your Kids From Getting Car Sick


If you plan to travel on July 4th, and you will be traveling by car, chances are, you may have a long drive ahead of you. The drive can seem even longer if you have kids who may be likely to get car sick, especially when traveling at long distances. Car sickness, also called motion sickness or travel sickness, is an illness caused by motion during travel. Movies make us think of projectile vomiting and absolute disasters, but car sickness is far more common than that; nearly every person will experience a mild form of motion sickness at some point. Unfortunately, the movies did get one thing correct—children tend to be more susceptible to car sickness than anyone else. Luckily, there are 10 easy things you can do to keep your kids from getting car sick, or resolve it if it happens during your trip.


Kids should always be in proper car seats, but for those prone to car sickness, center them in the middle seat. A clear view through the windshield helps them keep from getting dizzy during the trip.


Raw ginger is a great homeopathic remedy to be taken if your little ones start to feel ill during the trip. Soothing the stomach without resorting to over-the-counter medicine, raw ginger is perfect for car sickness.


Thought to have soothing properties, mint can also help with stomachaches. Mint leaves are fun for kids to chew on, and it also helps cool the inside of the mouth. Mint leaves can be chewed continuously, before the trip begins until a few minutes before you arrive at your destination.


Some kids need a little more to help fight back the nausea of car sickness. You can buy Dramamine over the counter and use it to prevent car sickness or use it as a remedy during car sickness. It can last anywhere from 4-6 hours.


Plan the meals that you eat before you begin your trip. Avoiding greasy and spicy foods can help keep the stomach settled and can help keep the trip from going off track.


Focusing on a book or tablet while in the car can end up making kids dizzy. Dizziness and vertigo (while symptoms themselves) can lead to nausea and vomiting; even though the quiet is good in the short term, listening to audiobooks and music over the stereo is a safer alternative.


The breeze in your hair, the smell of fresh cut grass… and also a perfect way to prevent car sickness. Removing stale air from the car helps decrease the likelihood that your kids may become nauseous during the trip.


Napping has so many benefits: the peace and quiet, the easy drive, and the lack of car sickness. If you can get your kids to nap (and they will if they take Dramamine), they’ll likely wake up feeling refreshed and without stomach problems.


Better to overreact than under react; having your kids know the signs of motion sickness can help to prevent problems before they start. Even if they start out feeling alright, hours in a car can make even the toughest stomachs feel queasy. Having everyone know the signs can create treatment instead of cleanup.


Hours in a car plus no easy rest stops equals an empty and upset stomach. Packing snacks such as the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast), other bland foods (saltines or crackers), and plenty of water can ease a queasy stomach.

Family trips should be enjoyed—without a car sick mess. To stay up to date on the latest news in healthcare, and for more helpful tips you can use everyday, follow the Avidity Medical Design Blog. To learn even more about healthcare, enroll in a course offered by Avidity Medical Design Academy, and get a 50% discount on select courses.