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How to Avoid Overeating During the Holidays

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Holiday dinners and lunches bring a sense of family and unite friends. However, resisting an extra bite of that tasty food can be challenging. While eating larger portions or binge eating is tempting, it is detrimental to your health. Here is a list of ten dangers of overeating during the holidays.

  1. An increased risk of obesity
  2. Disruption of natural hunger signals
  3. Impaired brain function
  4. Nausea
  5. Bloating
  6. Nausea with or without vomiting
  7. Heartburn
  8. A higher risk of insulin resistance
  9. Stomach upset
  10. Poor sleep

The Role of Your Metabolism in Overeating

If you have a fast metabolism, you burn more calories even when resting. On the other hand, people with a slow metabolism burn fewer calories and gain weight faster.

While a fast metabolism can slow down weight gain, you are still highly likely to overeat. Thus it’s still vital to watch your food intake to avoid overeating during the holidays.

How to Identify if You are Overeating

Overeating isn’t simply taking a lot of food. Hence, there are many ways to determine if you have this issue.

Some signs of overeating are:

  • Can’t keep your favorite meal in the house; instead, you eat it in one sitting
  • Feel weighed down after eating
  • Barely paying attention to your plate
  • Feel bloated after eating
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Tips to Avoid Overeating

Mindful eating is a perfect way to ensure you don’t stuff yourself during the holiday season. Avoid distractions so you can pay attention to your body’s fullness signals. Likewise, chew your food slowly and thoroughly.

More tips to avoid overeating during the holidays are:

  • Watch your portions
  • Use a smaller plate
  • Avoid going to events on an empty stomach
  • Cut back on taste testing
  • Eat more proteins than carbs
  • Eat foods rich in fiber, like vegetables and whole grains

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The 5 Best Foods for Homemakers to Increase Their Energy and Productivity

Being a stay-at-home parent—or even a work-at-home parent—is tough work. Kids are pulling you in different directions and your to-do list is overwhelming. It’s easy to get tired when you are being pulled in ten different directions. Unfortunately, when your energy is low, it reduces your productivity, which in turn, increases the amount that you have to do and increases the stress you’re facing. Over time, this problem can compound itself, making it harder and harder to get things done. That’s why it’s important to combat fatigue and keep your energy level high.

One important factor in keeping your energy level high is the food you put in your body. Food is the fuel for your body. Eating the right food fuels your body in all the right ways. Eating the wrong foods can leave you feeling sluggish and apathetic. If you’re trying to increase your energy and improve your productivity this week, try incorporating any of these 5 superfoods into your diet.

Oat Bran

Many of us associate bran—like bran muffins—with our grandparents, but there’s a reason the older generations relied heavily on oat bran, especially at breakfast time. Oat bran is a complex carbohydrate, which means that it takes your body longer to process than other carbohydrates. Additionally, it’s packed full of protein, which can help you feel satisfied throughout the day, and fiber, which can jumpstart your digestive system and help you absorb the nutrients you need as the day goes on. Oat bran can be cooked like oatmeal, or it can be baked into muffins, cookies, and even pancakes.

Spirulina Powder

Although spirulina powder is newly making headway as a healthy superfood, it’s been used for centuries in some cultures. It comes from blue-green algae that can be found all over the world, and as little as one tablespoon of this powder each day can improve your health. Spirulina powder is a complete protein, which means it has all of the amino acids you need to live a healthier life. It’s packed with nutrients, such as iron, calcium, magnesium, and vitamins A, E, and K, to help you feel healthier and more energetic throughout the day. To easily incorporate this powerful powder into your diet, try mixing a tablespoon into your morning smoothie.


Bananas are a great source of potassium and vitamin K, and they have just enough sugar to give you a quick energy boost if you need it without leading to a sugar crash later on. They’re great on their own, mixed with a little peanut butter, or made into overnight oats.


Eggs, cooked any way you like them, are a powerful source of protein that don’t spike your blood sugar when you eat them. This can help you maintain a steady source of energy throughout the day, rather than having the highs and lows of energy that often come from more sugar-laden foods. Eggs are also filled with the amino acid leucine, which stimulates energy production in the cells. Try hard-boiling your eggs at night for an easy-to-grab snack during the day.


Avocados are an excellent source of healthy fat and fiber, which can help maintain your energy level throughout the day. They’re also rich in B vitamins, which help with cellular function, ensuring you feel better as the day goes on. Avocados are great on their own or mashed on a piece of toast. You can even incorporate them into your sandwich at lunchtime.

These are only a few of the superfoods that can help your body function at peak condition. To learn more about how eating the right foods can fuel your body, increase your energy and maintain your productivity, while lowering your risk of getting certain illnesses and diseases, check out our course entitled, “How to Prevent Disease In Your Body (By Eating Fruits and Vegetables).”