Motivate Slackers in the Office With Positive Reinforcement

how to motivate slackers in the officeThe problem of how to motivate slackers in the office, whether it is in a health care or any other setting, can be a vexing one. Many managers resort to calling the slacker into the office for a closed door tough love session. If the slacker does not shape up, he or she can be eventually terminated.

There are a number of positive reinforcement measures to try before a manager has to get tough. Very often the problem of lazy staff is being exacerbated by workplace culture. Changing that culture can be crucial for making the slackers into motivated and hard-working employees.

First one should try to create a proper break room that goes beyond a couple of tables and some uncomfortable chairs. Some place to unwind for a few minutes could work wonders for staff morale and be a way of showing appreciation.

Indeed showing appreciation in general is a good motivation maker. Not only should this be done by the manager, but by the employees’ peers, instilling a sense of comradery.

Leading by example is one of those things that is axiomatic in how to be an effective manager. The idea that no one is being asked to do what the leader must also do is a powerful motivation to work harder.

The reasons for advancement should be made clear. Very often people rise in the ranks for reasons that are unclear to other people, leading to suspicions of favoritism. Advancement must always be tied to good work.

Perks should be handed out for all, regardless of position. If an employee has performed well, especially during a crisis, something which hospitals especially are prone to, than he or she should be rewarded in as positive way.

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