Healthcare e-Learning for Rural Healthcare Professionals

The continuing ascension of e-learning presents increasing access to education and training virtually from anywhere, at anytime, especially in the most rural parts of America, where access to resources are typically few and far between.  The resource with the highest priority for access in rural America is access to healthcare. Although healthcare is typically thought of in terms of patient access, it can also be thought of in terms of continuing education for healthcare professionals.

healthcare curriculum development avidity medical designRural healthcare professionals are as significant as their urban counterparts, especially with respect to the need for ongoing professional development.  Continuing education courses are necessary for maintaining certification and professional licensure.  The ongoing requirements for maintaining a nursing license, for example, are the same for nurses in both rural and urban areas.

E-learning for rural healthcare professionals transcends boundaries for specific healthcare specialties.  Given the increasing centralization and bureaucratization of the healthcare industry (i.e, Obamacare, HMOs, PPOs, and so on), continuing education for healthcare professionals is crucial to ensure high-quality patient care.

Consider a company such as Avidity Medical Design, which develops curriculum for all areas of healthcare.  Sheila D. McCray, MS, CCS, CCS-P, the principal of Avidity Medical Design, offers customized learning solutions for both the educational and corporate sectors.  Customized e-Learning courses help rural and urban healthcare organizations meet state licensing requirements, retain staff, and meet short- and long-term goals for healthcare training and professional development.

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